Speedlight 101 - off-camera flash ground zero

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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, but don't do much with flash — this is the class for you. 

This class will teach you how to inexpensively create an off-camera flash system that will serve you well. 

In this class, you will learn that you don't have to spend a lot of money for an off-camera flash system. I will teach you how for a fraction of the cost of a brand-named speed-light, a very good flash system can be purchased and configured.

You will also learn how to combine a speed light, radio trigger, and off-the-shelf soft-box to create a flash system that's hard to beat. 

Many photographers think that on-camera flash is the best or only way to light a subject without using expensive studio strobes. However, on-camera flash is often the worst way. On-camera flash works in a pinch, but off-camera flash is far more often the best way to go.

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This class will save you money and improve your photography, or your money back.

July 13, 2015, Monday

@ 6:00 pm

$25 per person. Bring cash.


• Simple set up for one flash

• How to configure your camera for flash

• How a master and slave flash work together  

• How to assemble an off-camera flash system

• How to make your camera and flash communicate

• How to soften flash

• Considerations of white balance 

• Why would you want more than one flash 

Looking forward to seeing you in this class.