I am a true believer that we should stop talking about things we don't like and focus on things we like. Life is too short to focus on negative things.

So here I have a few links of things, websites and people I recommend:

Sushi Ring II - Love sushi? Then you are going to love the whole crew and the beautiful, delicious food! All you can eat and a-la-carte restaurant, Sushi Ring II is a place where you feel home from day one. 

Momma Pearl's - A Cajun restaurant with fresh, great food and nice people! You have to go and meet Chef BB, the soul of the place. 

Intellingent Pineapple Fitness - a woman who knows how to transform your thinking and body into a new way of exercising.

Rong Cheng Chinese - I have been eating in this small local Chinese restaurant for 12 years in Colorado Springs, CO! Pang and Jen used to run it...now their daughter Demi and her husband assumed the front and it is even friendlier! The place is simple, the food is great, and the service is awesome. They learn your name, what you like and treat you like family. I will give them my business any time of the week over any fancier place. And now they have wonderful sushi as well.

Alienbees - I have been using Alienbees studio lighting for 10 years. They are reliable, consistent and easy to carry on location. I have recommended them for hundreds of people and never had anybody not like the quality of their products. Their website has changed recently but the brand build a recognizable name, with great products and friendly customer service. Paul Buff was brilliant in creating a product that is light, efficient, durable - and on top of that has a team of people who are the nicest on the phone. So if flash is next in your learning list, I recommend them!

Colorado Springs Creative Photography Group - I have been teaching in this group since its creation (2007). 

Beyond the Lens - A great group of like minded people who love photography just as I do. We have our calendar of events, classes and workshops growing every week! We focus on teaching people to improve their photography skills.

BHVideo - one of the major photography stores in New York. Everybody knows their reputation as a great camera store and I have been buying from them for years.

Adorama - another great camera store in New York, known all over the world.

Cowboy Studio - they have a big selection of studio equipment, including umbrellas, softboxes, lightstands, wireless triggers and receivers for flash, etc



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