What you need to bring:

  • Your DSLR camera
  • manual
  • good will to learn


  • Introduction to dramatic lighting
  • Metering for dark skin
  • Showing details in dark skin
  • Working with biracial couples
  • Basic tools - what you need
  • Researching - getting inspired
  • Preparing for the session (with a plan B)
  • Creating rapport with your subject
  • Capturing genuine expressions and relaxed portraits
  • Directing your subject
  • Taking control of the session
  • Choosing the right lens for your picture
  • Setting up off-camera flash using speedlights
  • Setting up studio lights
  • Adjusting your flash using manual mode
  • Using modifiers in dramatic portraits
  • Working with the tools you have available
  • Working with harsh shadows
  • Photographing indoors x outdoors
  • Handling light in any situation
  • Live shoot with models
  • The bag of tricks - what I bring with me
  • Basic workflow
  • Wrapping up

Photographing Dark Skin Workshop

To educate intermediate and advanced photographers in the art of low-key and dramatic portraits when photographing dark skin and groups of different ethnicities using flash. This class will be all done based on the assumption that attendees have a good understanding of photographing in manual exposure and a basic understanding of using flash.

Fee $ 149 per person

This workshop includes a model and you have hands on experience to photograph and have your own insights.

Time for questions and answers all day long while the information is shared and while you photograph.