When I opened the box from the order with the 3 canvas that arrived yesterday I was surprised that the front of them did not get damaged. The sloppiness throughout the rest is another subject.

I used my macro lens in the studio to take more details to send you. 

They printed beautiful. Like I said, the colors are nice, but it looks sloppy. And it will keep happening that people will complain if they are not properly packed to be mailed. There was no cardboard inside the box protecting them. I was never against a fair charge of shipping and handling so they come in safely protected and nicely finished. It would be a nice touch to have them cut in a straight line and have them with a thick brown paper and wire. 

Some staples are not deep into the frame, some metal joining the corners are sticking out. It is not the quality I am used to receive from you. 

I am also a certified framer and I used to stretch canvas so I know how beautiful they can look when well done! And I have your other ones done well and finished well and packed well on my wall to compare. 

I kindly ask you to talk to your employees about how important it is to finish a product well. It is not just printing well.

Simone Severo




Dear Picture it on Canvas folks:

I need some help.

I am writing because I care.

I have ordered many times before from you, including 24x36 canvas that beautifully hang on my dining room.

Recently, your package changed...and that damages the product and the reputation of your brand.

We have two big problems, folks, in two different orders. What can we do about it?

I am really disappointed.

I knew I was ordering a product on sale but I never thought you were going to save on shipping, which makes the images to be damaged for lack of protection in the images.

I have ordered from you before and the packaging changed completely!

I totally get it that it is Christmas time and you are working extra hard and extra time but the finishing of the product in the cutting of the canvas all skewed in the corners, and sloppy finish, like a 4 year old is cutting the canvas, not even on a straight line, the lack of the paper back and wire (which I wanted and was not an option at the time of ordering) and the no protection in such a fragile product makes the final product received at my door look like it came out of the trash! There was no card board in the 24x36 canvas. The box was as fragile as a very thin cardboard you find in stores, not even thick as the ones used to protect 8x10 prints! It as just a canvas stuck in a thin box, no protection at all!

The next 4 pictures are the box received last night, December 27, that I did not dare to open yet! I am assuming it contains the (3) 11x14 canvas from Order # 1649921

Then there are the pictures of the big canvas from the order before, that only now I had time to take pictures of. The 24x36 came broken in two corners, and in the middle, and completely skewed that it would be impossible to lay flat on a wall if if it were not broken!

This is a private page, for you only total a look. 

So this is the received box from last night, that I did not open yet. I am assuming it is Order # 1649921

The next images are from  Order # 1649904. I apologized to my client that the orders would be only delivered next year due to problems in shipping.

I have to say that the printing is beautiful. The colors are rich but you have to do something about the finishing and the shipping, guys!

Thank you!

Simone Severo